If the products you have ordered are in our stocks, they will be delivered to the same day if there is no problem. The delivery time may vary for products that are supplied with time.You will be notified if the delivery is delayed. Please notify the address of the current location as the delivery address in order to ensure the delivery of the product without interruption. 


Your requests will be processed at the end of the order to be prepared according to the type of delivery you specify.

You can consult with our customer representative to discuss the different delivery conditions.


Please be carefull! Open and check the packages you think are damaged during shipment in front of the company representative you received. If you think there is any damage to the product, please attach it to the cargo company and do not take the product.
It is accepted that the cargo company fulfills its duty completely after the delivery of the product.
If the product is damaged: Please inform the address of [email protected] as soon as possible.

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