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IDEC Interlock Switch
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    • Same actuator as HS1E (actuator retention force 3000N)
    • Six contacts in a compact housing (same size as HS1E)
    • Same dimensions and mounting hole layouts as HS1E (Size: 35 × 104 × 129 mm)
    • Door open, closed, and locked statuses can be monitored for various applications.
    • Energy efficient new solenoid unit. 32% less solenoid current consumption compared with HS1E.
    • Manual unlock key and LED indicator are standard.
    • Manual unlock key allows for manual unlocking in the event of power failure or maintenance.
    • Indicator has an independent circuit, and can be used for various purposes.
    • Two locking mechanisms to choose from—spring lock (unlocked with energized solenoid) or solenoid lock (locked with energized solenoid).
    • M3 terminal screws for wiring.
    • Wide operating temperature range (–20 to +55°C).
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