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IDEC Interlock Switch
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    • Compact body: 35 × 40 × 127mm
    • The locking strength is 1400N minimum.
    • Spring clamp terminal block prevents loosening of wires due to vibration.
    • Gold-plated contacts suitable for small loads.
    • Spring lock models (unlocks when the solenoid is energized) and solenoid lock models (locks when solenoid is energized) are available.
    • The head orientation can be rotated, allowing 8 different actuator entries.
    • Actuators can be used with other HS5 series interlock switches. Spring loaded actuator exclusive for HS5L available.
    • LED indicator shows solenoid operation.
    • Spring Lock
      •Automatically locks the actuator without power applied to the solenoid.
      •After the machine stops, unlocking is completed by the solenoid, providing high safety features.
      •Manual unlocking is possible in the event of power failure or maintenance using a manual unlocking key.
      •Head removal detection circuitry (spring lock models only).
    • Solenoid Lock
      •The actuator is locked when energized.
      •The actuator is unlocked when de-energized.
      •Flexible locking function can be achieved, for an application where locking is not required and sudden stopping of a machine must be prevented.

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